Mary Lu W11D5

Week 15 – Thursday

Welcome to SeniorVu’s daily ‘flash fiction’, with the continuing saga of Mary Lu at the Vu. Mary Lu is a 78-year old fictitious resident of a fictitious senior living community called Hickory Hills View (a.k.a. The Vu).  Every night, while her husband Bobby (he’s fictitious too) sleeps next to her, she sends her sister Carolyn (yup, fictitious) an entertaining email updating her on the day. These are her stories. We hope they become as addictive as your morning cup of coffee. 

Disclaimer: Even though these stories may sound familiar to your community, the story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this series are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.


This is getting ridiculous.

I was just about to tell the girls I didn’t want to keep going along with their juvenile shunning of Betty Morgan when that woman stepped onto my last nerve.

“Oh, have mercy!” I heard her shout when I walked past her apartment this morning. “Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!”

I lingered long enough to hear her share the good news with her husband.

“Honey, we got tickets for the Masters!”

You have to understand why that’s getting under my skin. As you recall, I promised Bobby that I’d let him go to the big golf tournament in Georgia as a reward for helping with Joe Barton’s party. I planned to buy tickets for him and put them under the Christmas tree. But it turns out, they’re almost impossible to get.

But Betty Morgan just landed some. And her freakin’ husband doesn’t even play golf.

So when Betty came to lunch today, waving her envelope with the green and yellow Masters logo, I was in no mood to be nice.

So I wasn’t. I was icy as a Yukon winter.

I didn’t let her sit by me. I didn’t pass the salt when she asked for it. And the moment she lifted the envelope to show us her latest piece of good news, I stood up with my half-eaten lunch and moved to another table.

I was a monster.

“What the devil did you do?” Bobby asked me, just before bed.

He said Ernie had gotten wind of my little performance in the lunch room. And this evening, he saw Betty out for a walk by herself – and she looked like she’d been crying.

I couldn’t tell him about the Masters tickets, but I did tell him why we’ve all been treating Betty so poorly.

“For crying out loud. You’re acting like a bunch of teenage girls,” he said. “Cut it out.”

And he’s right. I’ve decided to tell the others that we need to put an end to this foolishness. But if I wake up and discover she’s won the Powerball, all bets are off.

More tomorrow,

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