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The only way to survive and succeed in today’s customer-centric economy is with a great sales process. SeniorVu puts sales automation to work for you. Want to help your community salespeople stay organized and focused on activities that lead to future residents? Then SeniorVu’s Sales Engagement Platform is designed for you.

Advantages of SeniorVu's Sales Engagement Platform

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lead management for senior living & assisted living

What We Do

Lead Management

No matter the source, track and optimize your leads within your sales funnel. Contact Center, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing.

Marketing Automation

You are busy, automate nurturing emails to stay in touch with future residents

Digital Marketing

51% of seniors now have high-speed internet and of course their families have been there for years. Are you advertising online?

Direct Mail

Yep, it’s still relevant and it performs. Letters, postcards, event invitations, we do it all.


Data is king. End-to-end visibility to your sales funnel.

Why SeniorVu

SeniorVu created a way to help families navigate this very complicated and emotionally intense process along with a sales support solution designed specifically for the senior living industry. The SeniorVu results speak for themselves.

  • Every family inquiry is valued and immediately received, even after hours. No family inquiry ever ‘hits the floor’ again.
  • Family Advocates don’t rush to complete the call, allowing families to share their story. It develops trust with a community that cares.
  • Client communities save 10-15 hours of sales follow-up work each week allowing them to focus more time on current and future residents.
  • All conversations are recorded so families don’t have to repeat themselves and communities have record of the family’s story before they visit.
  • Family Advocates stay with the family all the way to the tour and after the visit – building a consistent relationship with your community.

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Who We Are

 Seniors Matter…That’s Why SeniorVu Exists

Our Founders, Tim Donnelly and Tom Goldman, recently each confronted a similar and debilitating problem: finding the right senior care for their parents. It was stressful and confusing – and left them afraid that they hadn’t made the best choice for their parents. Problem solvers by nature, they refused to accept the status quo and were driven to find a better way to connect families with the right senior care.

The two weren’t the average customer, they were entrepreneurs with 20+ years of experience disrupting industries just like this – established, slow-to-change & hanging on to old solutions that didn’t work. When they dug into the problem, they found while families experienced a frustrating journey searching for senior care, equally frustrating was the community’s journey searching for future residents. Resident attrition, high staff turnover & tight budgets caused most communities to grasp onto the few, inferior & overly expensive options that didn’t seem to have the family or community’s best interest at heart. No wonder the industry felt so frustrated.

What Our Clients Say

SeniorVu has done an outstanding job managing our digital campaigns. The visibility and BI into our sales funnel has enabled us to make better decisions with our marketing dollars to what is driving occupancy.

Robert Wetsel, Digital Marketing Manager, Americare Senior Living

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Bruce Wayne

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Bruce Wayne

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