9 Questions to Ask Before Hosting Your Virtual Event

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, virtual events have been gaining immense traction. The popularity comes with good reasons: safety, accessibility and connection.

So, what is a virtual event? A virtual event can be anything from small Q&A sessions, presentation-style conferences, trade shows, job fairs, or webinars. Anything that is a planned online event. There is a wide range of streaming platforms that hosts are able to use.

SeniorVu has begun hosting virtual events for our clients. Finding the perfect fit for a senior is at the utmost priority and virtual events are able to give seniors and caregivers a first-hand look into a community without being physically there. The decision maker is able to learn about the community and ask important questions. Having that point of contact can assure that they are making the right decision for their loved one!

How does it work?!

Virtual events begin with weeks of planning.

First, decide on what the main goal and topic of the event will be about.

 Is it an informational session? Is it a meet and greet? Are you trying to nurture existing leads to make the final push towards a decision? Find key performance indicators to measure the success of the virtual event.

Deciding on what the main goal of the virtual event is will then guide the presentation and content of the session. From there, you will be able to include the most important information that you want to get across to your audience as well as the format of the event.

Next, pick a date and start promoting!

 As mentioned earlier, knowing your goal for the event is everything. Do you want to narrow your target audience for your priority prospects? Or should the invitation be sent to a broader audience?  Of course, you can still send a general invite to everyone– but how will the wording of the invitation stand out to attract prospects?

Make sure to send an invitation… or two… or three to your target audience in order to give them ample time to make room in their schedules. Invitations can be sent via email, direct email or on a social media page.

Don’t forget to send a reminder the day before the event to make sure those that have signed up can still go!

Onto event preparation- Ask yourself these questions

  •  Have I fully completed my presentation? Is it engaging enough for a virtual format?
  • Is my presentation accessible to a wide audience? Is my font easy to read? Have I practiced presenting virtually to make sure my speech is understandable?
  • Are my videos, graphics or other forms of media properly working as planned?
  • Am I familiar with my virtual event hosting platform? Am I prepared for what to do with technical difficulties such as poor connection or attendees not being able to see or hear the presentation?
  • Did I make sure that my invitation link works?

Finally, it’s event day and the aftermath!

 You’ve worked out those kinks from earlier and now it’s time to finally host your event. Following the event, you could send a survey to get feedback about the event to find out what the audience liked or didn’t like.

The following weeks after the event is the time to go back to your original goal and reflect. Go back to your key performance indicators and compare.

What has changed since your event?

 Virtual events require lots of pre-planning, but they can have tremendous outcomes! It’s a way to connect with your audience all at once and share with them important information.

 SeniorVu has eased the pressure of hosting virtual events for our clients.

The value of having an experienced third-party host your event is the relief of leaving all those  technical logistics to a professional. We help our clients with the technology, presentation deck, videos, promotion, invitations and offer broadcast professionals to facilitate your virtual event if you want that. We will work directly with your community to assure that your event has everything it needs to be successful as well as accomplish the goals that you have. SeniorVu will take care of the planning so that you can relax and have a great event. Without the stress, your community is able to share important information with your audience and show them that they’re in good hands at your community. 

Contact us today to learn more about how SeniorVu can host a virtual event for your community.



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