Become a Better Listener With SeniorVu’s Call Recordings

Call Recordings

Okay, first off: you guys are great listeners. We know this because you’re in the senior living business and listening to your potential residents’ needs, desires, fears and goals are incredibly important when it comes to making the best possible experience for that individual.

However, we also know that there are a lot of things that keep you from being the best listener possible over the phone when a family inquiries about your community. Your job responsibilities, for one. You’re busy doing everything you need to be doing that you don’t always have the time to sit down and focus intently on a phone conversation with your prospects. Even when you do have the time, you may end up forgetting details later on because of XYZ factors.

Call Recordings Make it Easier For You

So why not make it a little easier on yourself? SeniorVu records all the calls we make on your behalf and make them easily accessible so you can listen to each and every one. Not only can you pause and take important notes, but you can also listen to a conversation right before a tour to refresh your memory or do a little extra research. (It also gives you a chance to check in on how we’re doing as we listen to and talk with your potential future residents on your behalf. We hire college-educated, emotionally intelligent people with nurturing backgrounds.)

Learn More

Learn more by watching the video to hear Danny Cates, Chief Technology Officer Extraordinaire of SeniorVu, talk a little bit more about our call recordings. Then, if you’re ready to see and hear the results for yourself, contact us at (816) 895-8829.