Christmas Gifts for Seniors

No need for another Hawaiian shirt under the tree.
Jim has plenty! 

Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to think about gifts for that relative or friend who falls into the ranks of the senior citizen. Don’t fret as most of us will get there sooner or later.

Gift giving for us senior citizens need not be that difficult. If the senior is very active, think fishing or sporting gear, golf gear, active wear clothing, or maybe a piece of exercise equipment. If less active, a hobby item such as a model set, the new Legos for Seniors (yes, that’s a real thing), an adult coloring set, or that challenging pottery wheel. Items many seniors enjoy are warm shawls and bed jackets, the magnifying glass necklace for the gals, TV listening devices for the guys, or a touch on and off lamp.

For those seniors who are residents of a nursing home or even residential care facility, the gift of your time is golden – spend some time listening or taking part in an organized “game” or activity. Flowers, photos of family, mind games, and homemade treats always sparkle. I remember one Christmas gift-giving night at my Mother’s nursing facility some 30+ years ago. I confess I may have enjoyed it as much as my Mother. One thing, however, I do regret is not having taken more time to learn about the holidays during my Mother and Father’s youth. Pull out those memories with them. What is their most memorable Christmas? What was the gift they enjoyed the most as a child? What were the traditions when they were growing up?

For those with memory care, and perhaps those who no longer want the responsibility of an animal, Hasbro developed interactive mechanical pets like the Tabby Cat and Golden Pup. These battery operated “stuffed” animals respond to touch, motion and word much like a real animal. They cost around $100.

If they are still able to get out and about on their own or with the help of friends and relatives, gift cards to their favorite dining spots can be fun. On a fixed income many of us don’t want to spend outside our usual budgets but this would be a good excuse to enjoy a meal at a restaurant they like.

And the number one gift for seniors are those loving visits from family or friends during the year, and the “let’s talk” calls received. On the internet, you can enter “gifts for seniors” to get more great ideas at all prices.

So, get at it, as there is something this Christmas for everyone.