Ladies and gentlemen! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…the CRM HEAVYWEIGHT SHOWDOWN! Place your bets and grab your seats, because this match is gonna be a showstopper!

In the first corner…we have Hubspot, the famous inbound marketing, sales and service software! Offering a full platform of services, including CRM, methodology, resources and support to help businesses grow, it’s consistently lauded as one of the best platforms out there. Will this heavyweight champion keep its crown?

In the second corner, we have your senior living community’s general marketing automation software, which we’ll call GMA! It’s cost-effective. It’s staffed by you. It’s in-house and managed with knowledgeable people who understand your community inside and out. With all that history backing it up, can it take down the reigning champion?

And in the third corner, we have SeniorVu, the senior-living-specific prospect generation and lead management software taking the industry by storm. This up-and-comer may be fairly young and not as well-known as its competitors, but it’s been built by some of the best minds out there and it’s already making waves. How will it stack up against two known competitors?

We’ll break this match down into three separate rounds, giving each competitor time to really pack a wallop before we crown the ULTIMATE! CRM! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOON!

Let’s get ready to…RUMBLE!


It’s the bread-and-butter of every marketing automation campaign, and the reason why your community’s looking into CRM services. It’s prospect creation and nurturing, the process by which you gain leads, carry them through their decision-making process and ultimately signing them as residents for your senior living community.

Hubspot takes the first swing, hitting your Generic Marketing Automation with its website creation, SEO & SEM abilities! GMA parries, but it’s blows can’t quite keep up with Hubspot’s rapid-fire attack. Oh! What’s this! Hubspot sneaks in with its native marketing automation, email campaigns and prospect scoring. And – is that configurable activity notifications? These specialized attributes are too much for GMA, who’s busy juggling day-to-day life in your community with its lead generation tasks.

And now Hubspot is turning its attention to SeniorVu, who’s warmed up and ready to take them on. There they go! They match hit-for-hit against all the attributes that sent GRM to the corner, surprising Hubspot with their versatility. This is gonna be a close one, folks…

..but wait! What’s this? SeniorVu is pulling out their Exclusive to the Senior Living Industry secret weapon, pairing their deep knowledge of the industry against Hubspot’s broader and shallower knowledge! Hubspot stumbles and is knocked back…and SeniorVu strikes again with their Proprietary AI and machine learning that enables precision marketing with real time adjustments! Wow! We’ve only seen technology like that from incredibly expensive software solutions before, folks. Who knew that such an affordable solution could pack that much punch?

OH! Did you see that? SeniorVu just pulled out their 84 million strong database of seniors and adult children! That’s too much for Hubspot, which looks like it’s failing and…THAT’S THE BELL! SeniorVu, holding strong as its competitors retreat to the corners, gathering their strength for the next round. What a fight this is turning out to be, folks!

Winner Round 1: SeniorVu! We’ll be back very soon with Round 2 to see what surprises these CRM heavyweight champions have in store.

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