Wow! What a match this has been so far, ladies and gentlemen! To recap, in a surprise upset, SeniorVu took down both its challengers in Round 1 thanks to its spectacular prospect and nurturing capabilities. With its exclusivity to the senior living industry, plus an 84 million strong database of seniors and adult children, SeniorVu’s prospecting and nurturing abilities beat their competitors every time.

Now, here’s the lineup for this evening:

We’ve got HUBSPOT in one corner, the famous inbound marketing, sales and service software!

In the other, we have your senior living community’s general marketing automation software, which we’ll call GMA!

And in the third corner, we have SeniorVu, the senior-living-specific prospect generation and lead management software taking the industry by storm!

There’s the bell, ladies and gentlemen, and we are on to…


You can hear from the rumble of the crowd that this round is gonna be a heated one. We’re pitting some pretty important features against each other to see whose option reigns supreme.

First up: the contact center! Yes, those caring, helpful people who answer the phones when you’re not available, engage with the family on your behalf, answer questions and schedule tours! They’re your best first impression, your secret weapon for developing a relationship with the family and if it’s a good match, ultimately getting them to step into your community…they are that ‘engaged’ first impression who help the family want to come see your senior living community!

It’s no surprise that this is an incredibly important part of any CRM campaign ‘engaging with the family’…wait a minute, what’s this? HubSpot is hanging back? We’re getting a report from the ring, and what I’m hearing, folks, is that Hubspot has no contact center! That means they literally can’t compete in this part of the match! What an upset! What a surprise! What a miss for Hubspot…

We’re down to just two circling each other in the ring, then – SeniorVu and GMA. GMA has the benefit of being staffed entirely by your team members. That’s a pretty big bar to clear – after all, your employees know your business inside and out and, bonus, they happen to be in the same building as you! There’s no way SeniorVu can compete as a third-party…right?

But wait! Look at that! SeniorVu springs into action, using their skillfully trained and knowledgeable call center employees to nurture your cold leads, answering the family’s questions if you’re not available. It’s almost like SeniorVu is multiple people at once, dedicated to this specific task – oh wait! They ARE! GMA just can’t keep up with the pace and…THAT’S THE BELL!

That’s right, folks – since our contact center is exclusively focused on providing service to senior living communities like yours, we’ve got it down to a science – nay, an art! And since we’re dedicated day in, day out to helping you grow your occupancy rates, we take work off your plate – making us a supporting force to be reckoned with…all on your behalf.

Winner round 2: SeniorVu! But we’re not done yet, folks…this match is still underway!

 Does your senior living community’s CRM need a little Rocky Balboa-esque treatment in order to knock out the competition? Call SeniorVu today, to get a free demo and training schedule to get you in fighting form.

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