We’re finally here, ladies and gentlemen – it’s Round 3 of the CRM HEAVYWEIGHT SHOWDOWN! In the first round, we saw SeniorVu smash their competitors when it came to prospect creation and nurturing! And SeniorVu’s top-notch call center left other marketing automation software dazed and confused after Round 2! But it’s not so clear if SeniorVu will be able to hold on to their lead to cinch this, the final round.

Let’s review our competitors…

In the first corner, we have Hubspot, the famous inbound marketing, sales and service software! In the second corner, we have your senior living community’s general marketing automation software, known for our purposes as GMA! And in the third corner, we have SeniorVu, the senior-living-specific prospect generation and lead management software taking the industry by storm.

Get ready…get set…it’s time for…


This is where the rubber hits the road, folks! This is where all the intangible “value added” aspects of CRM software come together in an unbeatable package. It’s the stuff that goes beyond prospect creation and nurturing, beyond the contact center and beyond a slick interface to provide you with real, useful tools that help you grow your business and your occupancy rates.

That’s the bell and – what’s this? What’s happening? Why, it looks like GMA – your senior living community’s CRM – wants to join forces with one of the other two parties! Is this possible? YES! Both Hubspot and SeniorVu have the ability to integrate to other third-party CRMs if necessary – giving you the ability to mesh the software you know with an interface and company that gives you more bang for your buck.

GMA’s wavering between SeniorVu and Hubspot…but why? Hubspot can provide surveys for resident satisfaction, post-tour and whatever else you might want to survey, but SeniorVu does all that along with reputation management plus resident proposal and contract generation. Not only that, but they’re able to do all this paired with your community’s branding and reputation, acting on your behalf as if they were…well, you! YOUR brand front and center! !

SeniorVu and GMA advance together as one team! It’s Wonder Twin Powers Unite! Watch as they easily circle Hubspot and, with a quick one-two punch, take it to the mat! It’s one…two…three…!

AND THAT’S IT! With the power of SeniorVu at your side, your senior living community can take down any other company’s marketing automation software and create an unstoppable force that drives ROI, increases conversion and improves your residency rate every time!


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