Episode 13 – Why You Just Have to Laugh in a Pandemic

Health experts around the world are certainly fighting Coronavirus (Covid-19) the most difficult pandemic the world has seen in 100 years. The virus has overwhelmed our health care system and professionals with sick patients, while scientists are desperately trying to find an effective treatment or even a cure.  There is also concern about the mental and emotional health of people who have been asked to stay in their homes for weeks on end to avoid this virus that is killing thousands of people. David Naster spends his life working with people on their mental and emotional health through humor.  Humor has been proven to be a genuine benefit to physical health and healing too. David is a comedian, a speaker, a film maker and an award winning author of a series of books called You Just Have to Laugh.  David travels the world sharing stories that are examples of finding humor in those dark and difficult times of life. He teaches courses on the topic, and has worked with many senior living communities and healthcare companies across the country. In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast co-hosts Valissa Smith and Billy Daniels want to know what ideas David might have for those of us who have a harder time finding humor in the midst of anxiety, depression, PTSD and a world wide pandemic as we all shelter in place to avoid this potentially deadly virus. David shares many stories from many people who have suffered tremendous tragedy in their lives, and he offers real tips and ideas on how to adjust our mindset to allow humor, laughter and joy (which are all three different elements according to David) into our lives as we quarantine ourselves and families in an attempt to “flatten the curve” in all of our communities.

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