Episode 24 – Finding Success with Virtual Events

There is no doubt that one of the biggest sales and marketing challenges during this COVID-19 pandemic is connecting with families and prospects.  Without the ability to hold events inside a community, or even meet families in their homes senior living sales and marketing teams are searching for professional virtual experiences that will allow them to develop rapport with prospects.  In this episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast Valissa Smith, Senior Vice President of SeniorVu and Billy Daniels VP of Digital Marketing share with the audience the tips and tricks to producing a successful virtual event.

To get it right, takes much more than turning on Facetime or Zoom or some other video meeting software. It’s about creating a compelling topic, beautiful visuals and the right presenters and panelists.  It is about marketing the event effectively, with quality visuals and content. It’s about collecting RSVPs with a professional contact center that is already trained to interact with seniors and family members.  It’s about producing a user experience that is easy for attendees with one-click access for seniors and family members attending.  It’s about elevating your brand all along the way leading up to the virtual event.

When it’s time to execute on the actual live event, it’s important to have a professional team of experienced engineers and facilitators working for you.  The last thing a community needs to worry about is the technology to make it all run smoothly.  They only need to worry about the content they plan to share.  The more relaxed your team is, the more families can see who they really are and hopefully make a connection with the people in your community.

We’ve seen many types of virtual events in the last 6- months.  Most of them have been on typical topics like financing a move to senior living, a look at the local housing market and learning how residents are moving in during a pandemic.  Listen in to this podcast and find out some of the more creative yet effective virtual events that are drawing strong attendance.  And when you’re ready, let SeniorVu help you produce a professional event that will impress your prospects.

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