Episode 25 – Using Technology to Guide Families of Senior Loved Ones

It’s difficult to get an entire family to talk about the needs of a senior parent, let along get them all to align on possible senior care.  Often there are those who believe finding a safe, loving environment that isn’t isolating is the best answer while others will put their foot down for mom or dad to age in place…typically the home they’ve occupied for years.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that could help families determine what actually is the best decision for that love one…stay where they are or make a move to senior living.  When there is a crisis with a senior, who wouldn’t want to make the most informed decision for their care.

Roobrik Founder and CEO, Nate O’Keefe wanted to find a way to help families work through their pros and cons.  He wanted to provide them with a way to consider all sides to the equation. He wanted to help them find the best answer for their senior loved one. That’s how Roobrik was born.  He devised a strategic sequence of 23 questions for families to think about and he did it with technology.  How a family answers the questions determines the next question and so forth.

In this CEO to CEO episode of Off Your Rocker: A SeniorVu Podcast, SeniorVu’s Founder, Tim Donnelly has a conversation with O’Keefe worth listening to. Not only to understand why Nate wanted to solve this problem for families but to hear about the evolution of Roobrik and to learn where he and his team plan to take the company.  Find out why Roobrik looks like a survey but is more of a guidance tool to empower the user to take action.  Learn how it takes a family’s current situation – their readiness, values, preferences and finances – to guide them toward the best decision for their loved one.

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