Episode 46 – Improve Your Customer Journey and Increase Conversion Rates

Did you know that when a prospect’s call is transferred to a sales team’s voicemail, 90 percent of the time the caller hangs up without leaving a message? Those prospects are left on the table. Even when you do call a lead back, many times it can go unanswered because the prospect thinks the call could be spam. Now sales teams are tasked with finding new ways to connect with the lead instead of going to spam. 
Our guest today on the Off Your Rocker podcast is Scott Payne, a leader in the mortgage and lead management business since 2004. Payne is the Founder of SDP Solutions, a Lead Management Consulting firm that assists sales organizations with optimizing and improving lead conversion metrics. 
In this podcast, you will learn how to optimize your sales process so you can convert more leads. Keep reading for key takeaways from the episode. 
Lead Management 
When companies are looking to bring in new customers, prioritization is the place to start. 
Payne said the key to prioritization is to set up cues that take the thinking away from the sales person. Time gets lost during “switch tasking” or moving from one task to another. So, if a salesperson can prioritize their tasks, they ultimately will streamline their process, save time, and make more sales. 
The second idea is to inspect what you expect. Once you give your sales team the key of prioritization, you need to inspect to make sure the strategy is working. Payne said his company does this through “secret shopping” and testing in real time how a sales person chases a lead. 
“When you don’t call your leads you end up being a poor performer,” Payne said. 
Integration is key for customer experience. The days are long gone from making 100 outbound calls a day, so each industry is tasked to find technology that will supplement what the salesperson can do. 
One of the solutions is in the field of AI messaging. Bots learn a company’s sales process over time. It’s done over text, and when a bot determines it can no longer answer a question, it flags it and at that point would go over to a sales person. 
“You can’t trust your sales person to make 100 outbound calls per day, but if they can make 50, and you can have 50 conversations through a bot and deliver important messages right to their fingertips, sales people can focus on what they do best.” 
Another solution is to work with a third party call center to help manage incoming leads. Payne said the future is in video. 
“What I’ve found to be really interesting is that with covid, people are getting more and more comfortable looking at someone directly on the computer screen. That’s allowed them to have face-to-face conversation with customers.They can do a screen share and show them their options rather than just talking over the phone about it… those are the technologies we will see evolve more and more as we move forward.” 
How to keep your sales phone call out of spam 
One of the core lead management best practices is speed-to-lead, or how fast you call a consumer after they have inquired. 
“If you call the lead within the first minute, your chance of converting the lead goes up 391 percent,” Payne said. 
And if you can call a lead on a Saturday or Sunday, that lead is 11 times more likely to convert. 
One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is coming off as spam when you call a lead. However, Payne said customers are trained to understand that when they fill out a form, it’s likely they will get a call right after. So even if they are getting a call from a number they don’t know, they are likely to pick up the phone because they just filled out a form moments ago. Another solution is to text, instead of call.
Optimize Your Conversions
If you want to optimize your leads, one thing you can do is lead scoring. The lead can have different paths based on the score, whether that’s lead data or customer data, like clicking on an email. From there, you would set up the prioritization journeys  based on the lead’s score. For example, on the third attempt, do you want to call a lead or send them an email. Each path should be unique and based on the score system your sales and marketing team comes up with.

Ready to level up your community’s speed-to-lead? Go here to find out how.

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