Top 10 Best Houston Assisted Living Communities

Houston Assisted Living Communities

Finding Houston assisted living communities that fit your loved one’s needs is an emotional task, and it isn’t easy. Maybe your loved one isn’t eating well, or maybe they struggle with medications, or maybe they suffer from little activity. Assisted living communities can reduce a lot of stress on seniors and their adult children by providing residents with three meals a day, by assisting with medication dosage and timing, and by encouraging activities to keep the mind and body moving.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had a short list of the Best of the Best Assisted Living in Houston? A list created by a company that understands assisted living communities and has worked with hundreds of them across the country?

That’s why SeniorVu created the Top 10 Houston Assisted Living Communities list. Over the last three years, SeniorVu has worked with more than 600 senior living communities across the country. We’ve collected data on everything from community reputation to staff responsiveness to resident turnover. SeniorVu created this solid list so you can avoid unnecessary frustrations and pitfalls as you seek a loving and caring solution for someone very important in your life.

This article provides a list of the Top 10 Assisted Living centers in Houston. This list should never replace your own judgement however, it does give you a list of communities with high standards to help in your search.

Top 10 Best Houston Assisted Living Communities

Treemont Retirement Community

2501 Westerland Dr, Houston, TX 77063https://www.treemont.com/

When a senior living community has been in business for more than 40 years, you know they’re doing something right. Treemont Retirement Community has been a staple of the Houston senior living space for decades, offering spectacular independent living and (for the sake of this article) assisted living services. What gets them on our Top 10 list is not just the supportive services, compassionate care and personalized assistance in this comfortable community (although there’s definitely that).

Treemont has two big shining “wows” when it comes to providing awesome care and benefits to assisted living residents. The first is their straightforward pricing structure. There’s no community buy-in or entry fees. You’re not charged more if your health or care needs increase. You pay one, all-inclusive monthly fee, and with that you get access to medical equipment, incontinence supplies, plus all the benefits of living at a community like Treemont – dining options, utilities, a jam-packed social calendar, housekeeping services and more.

The second “wow” factor is their Independence Plus living option. This service is designed for active seniors who can live independently and need just a little extra help each day. Independence Plus allows these seniors to remain in their independent living apartment and pay for home health services as its needed. They even have bundled services with clever names, like the AM Start Program (which provides assistance with dressing, bathing and helping seniors get to breakfast). The Independence Plus living option can help a senior remain in a home they love and are comfortable in while still getting the support they need. That’s the exceptional flair of service that makes Treemont a SeniorVu Top 10 assisted living community.

The Village of The Heights

1407 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008 | https://www.rcmseniorliving.com/senior-living/tx/houston/village-of-the-heights/

Pull into the parking lot of The Village of The Heights and you may think you took a wrong turn and instead ended up at a cool, new apartment complex for young professionals. This Top 10 pick is located right in the middle of one of Houston’s most historic and desirable zip codes, providing Assisted Living and Memory Care services in an upscale and modern setting. Unlike many other communities, The Village of The Heights is a true part of the community – it’s surrounded on all sides by charming homes, churches and even schools.

Inside, the whole “luxury apartment complex feel” continues with the airy and open common spaces, wood-style flooring, abundant natural light, state-of-the-art fitness center…really, everywhere you look, you’ll be blown away. The whole focus of the community is on choice, and that’s evidenced by the amount of freedom residents have to choose for both their living situation and their care needs. The Village has some of the most diverse floor plans in the Houston area, with 374 square-foot studios to 735 square-foot two-bedroom apartments, all appointed with granite countertops, custom cabinets and other upscale touches.

Every aspect of the community has been designed to add an extra level of class, attention and service to the assisted living experience. The decadent dining options are truly like a restaurant and allow residents to dine whenever they wish. The activities and social events provide an elevated experience, with yoga and pilates classes in the fitness center, volunteer opportunities or regular happy hours. That attention to detail and providing an exemplary senior lifestyle experience is what places The Village of The Heights firmly on our Top 10 list.

Atria Westchase

11424 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77082 | https://www.atriaseniorliving.com/retirement-communities/atria-westchase-houston-tx/

Located in Houston’s Energy Corridor, Atria Westchase is totally committed to a sustainable lifestyle for themselves, their residents and their community. As they state on their website, “we’re committed to serving our residents’ great-great-great-grandchildren, too.”

This translates into community wide green practices that are focused on improving sustainability and ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council®, Atria’s community is designed with high-efficiency HVAC systems, low-flow plumbing fixtures, ENERGY STAR®-certified appliances and high-performance exterior doors, earth-friendly design elements (paint, carpet and wood) and ecological landscaping, housekeeping and storage systems.

It’s all part of Atria’s promise to uphold industry-leading quality standards…and offer upscale assisted living support so that aging seniors can maintain the independent lifestyle they love. “Quality” is more than just a buzzword for Atria Westchase. Their internal Quality Enhancement (program), along with regular customer satisfaction surveys, allows them to anticipate the needs of their residents and continually raise the bar on what upscale services, amenities and care can mean for the residents of Houston.

Seniors will find all the supportive services they need and demand, and then some, plus a team that’s devoted to determining each person’s specific care needs and tailoring their services to provide the best quality of life for their residents. As they say when it comes to the difference of this Top 10 community: “You may not see it, but you can feel it.” And we feel that’s why Atria Westchase has earned their place on our Top 10 list.

The Legacy at Long Meadow

10403 S Mason Rd, Richmond, TX 77406 | https://thelegacysl.com/long-meadow/

For seniors wishing for a lifestyle that’s a little more serene – while still being within driving distance of the hustle and bustle of Houston – The Legacy at Long Meadow, located in nearby Richmond, TX, is a perfect blend of luxury, leisure and lifestyle. Offering both assisted living and memory care services, this community is all about individualized concierge service.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means creating a lifestyle experience tailored to your needs that goes beyond just providing services. The Legacy at Long Meadow’s philosophy is that everyone has a purpose, no matter what their age or ability. They focus on four major tenants to create a one-of-a-kind experience for assisted living residents: Connecting to the community (both on-campus and off-); being Active socially, mentally and physically; providing a Safe environment so that opportunities flourish; which thus creates a higher sense of Purpose through passions, interests, joys and skills.

The idea of “luxury” lives in the little touches of life, so it’s no surprise that The Legacy at Longmeadow has some pretty cool little perks for their assisted living residents. One of the most surprising aspects of life at the community is that there is in-room technology that unobtrusively monitors each residents’ safety. Residents still maintain complete privacy – the technology’s more Downstairs Downton Abbey than Big Brother. There are also point-of-care systems available that helps staff respond and manage care needs, marrying technology with the personal touch.

It’s all part of Legacy’s philosophy of life revolving around their residents and providing personalized care to keep their community safe, healthy and happy. With entertainment, care, opportunities and dining on-demand this Top 10 community earns the marks for discerning seniors.

Colonial Oaks

4004 Vista Rd., Pasadena, Texas 77504 | https://colonialoaks.org//locations/texas-communities/houston-pasadena/

Colonial Oaks has been a staple of the Houston senior living arena for more than 40 years, and its network of 6 communities across the area are well respected for their caring service and advocacy for residents. Their parent company, Voralto Living, was founded prior to when “senior living” was even recognized as a legitimate industry, and has led the way for providing care with cutting-edge technology, personalized approaches and a focus on service.

Although all the Colonial Oaks communities are exemplary, we’re calling out the Pasadena community on our Top 10 list because its assisted living program goes above and beyond to provide care and support for seniors who want to be independent but can no longer live safely on their own. Assisted living residents enjoy the privacy of their own individual apartments and have access to a wide variety of supportive services, activities, amenities and social opportunities.

Colonial Oaks’ mission is to serve their neighbors with love – neighbors meaning their residents, family members, team members, the greater community and even the entire world. Their operating principles are based on the foundation of love, which is the cornerstone of everything they do. This translates into being an advocate for their residents, particularly veterans. The caring staff at Colonial Oaks is skilled in navigating the red tape of government programs and benefits, and work with their residents to make sure they receive all the assistance and aid they qualify for.

They’re humble. They’re hungry. They’re smart. They see each new day as an opportunity to serve with love, which is just one of the reasons why they make the cut and are part of our Top 10 list.

Belmont Village Senior Living Hunter’s Creek

7667 Woodway Dr., Houston, TX 77063 | https://www.belmontvillage.com/locations/hunters-creek-houston-tx/

As an assisted living resident at Belmont Village Senior Living Hunter’s Creek, your whole brain gets a workout. Their “Whole Brain Fitness Lifestyle” is focused on successful aging and nurtures residents’ entire body from top to bottom. Mental workouts, a strong social network, optimal nutrition, physical exercise, lifelong learning and a sense of purpose…these seven essential elements are combined in unique ways to meet each residents’ needs to help them thrive mentally, socially and physically.

According to Belmont, the best compliment any resident can give them is “I wish I had come here sooner!” It’s not surprising that you can find this sentiment throughout the entire community – after all, their assisted living focus is about making life an adventure and something to enjoy. Their adaptive supportive care easily flexes with your wants and needs, wherever and whenever you are in life. It’s all about providing a perfect blend of support, independence and inspiration. Best of all, these services help residents continue doing the activities they love – as well as fun new interests they haven’t tried yet.

Besides the plethora of services available, Belmont’s community is filled with touches and nods to the joy of aging and living. Thanks to a creative collaboration with Thomas Sanders, a local photographer, the community is filled with gorgeous photographs of residents themselves. The two main galleries are dedicated to resident veterans and the community’s centenarians, both of which are permanent and continually updated.

No matter where we are in life, we always want to grow, learn and contribute. Belmont’s dedication to their residents, their vitality and joy, their focus on brain health and uplifting supportive services mean that assisted residents will live long, happy and healthy at this Top 10 community.

Ella Springs

16700 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77090 | https://www.ellasprings.com/

There’s a lot to love about Ella Springs. In terms of bragging rights, it was named the Best Assisted Living Community in Houston for 2019. When it comes to amenities, they have a state-of-the-art movie theatre, a barbecue pavilion, a dog park and apartments with upgradable features. With regards to services, it checks all the boxes: maintenance-free living, 24/7 care, an amazing staff, a gorgeous building and all the rest. But it’s the mission of this community that adds the extra “spectacular” that we look for in a Top 10 community.

Built in 2017, Ella Springs was founded to provide an enriching life to the seniors of the area and provide a quality of life that brings them closer to God. (It goes without saying that Ella Springs is open to all faiths and spiritualities.) This service-focused approach creates an extra level of quality that’s unusual for even five-star resorts or hotels.

For example, the culinary staff is led by Chef Christopher Eissler, a certified master chef who was once the personal chef of Frank Sinatra and Ted Turner. Like many of the staff and leadership of Ella Springs, he joined Ella Springs because he wanted to dedicate his life to a higher purpose – caring for and serving those in his community.

As a new community, Ella Springs has many elevated touches that help make life here fun, easy and inspiring for their assisted living residents. Every month, they hold a networking breakfast with residents and members of the community to meet, greet and form connections for volunteering and other fulfilling work. There’s a phone app that family members can use to easily stay in touch with staff and care providers. And those are just some of the thoughtful and carefully selected approaches that make life great at this Top 10 community.

Elmcroft of Cy-Fair

11246 Fallbrook Dr., Houston, TX 77065 | https://www.elmcroft.com/community/elmcroft-of-cy-fair-texas/

Elmcroft of Cy-Fair bills itself as both home and senior living community and has been offering seniors a lifestyle of convenience and comfort since 2000. Our senior living home has been part of the vibrant Houston, Texas community since 2000. Residents praise the relaxing, homelike environment, the amazing staff who treats everyone like a beloved family member, the focus on providing all your needs and the all-inclusive monthly rate (no surprises, hooray!).

There are lots of little touches that elevate Elmcroft of Cy-Fair to a Top 10 SeniorVu Assisted Living Community. One of them is their Second Wind Dreams® program. It’s based on the concept that it’s never too late for residents to make their hopes and dreams come true. No matter what your dream is – whether it’s performing in a professional ballet, reuniting with long-lost friends or loved ones, going on an adventure like hiking the Grand Canyon or anything else – the team at Elmcroft will help make it happen for you.

Another aspect of life that residents love at Elmcroft is the farm-to-fork approach of their dining services. Elmcroft’s culinary staff uses fresh seasonal ingredients and locally sourced items as much as possible. Not only does this help boost the nutritional value of everything they serve, but it also is a way for them to support their local community of farmers, producers and growers.

What really drives Elmcroft of Cy-Fair into our Top 10 is their ability to shift their care so that their residents can live as independently and safely as possible for as long as possible. With a full range of personal care skills, a focus on providing inspiration and purpose and a homelike atmosphere, carefree living at this Top 10 community is a given each and every day.

The Village of Meyerland

4141 N Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX 77025 | https://www.rcmseniorliving.com/senior-living/tx/houston/village-of-meyerland/

Houston seniors will find so many opportunities to enrich their spare time – and their lives – at this SeniorVu Top 10 Assisted Living Community. The Village of Meyerland is, as they say, “right in the neighborhood” – located smack dab in the middle of a lovely residential neighborhood with a park-like setting. It’s a perfect choice for residents who want to remain in the community they love while getting the personalized assistance and care they need.

The Village was rated Best of 2019 Senior Living by SeniorAdvisor.com, and it’s easy to see why. The personal apartment homes are bright, sophisticated and upscale. Their personal care is perfectly tailored to each individual residents’ needs, and health plans are constantly reviewed and adapted if and when changes are needed. And their event calendar is jam packed with fun and unique activities like a Spa Day, Creative Jewelry and Flower Arrangements, Chair Travel, featured speakers, field trips, chef demos and many more. The activities director constantly changes things up and asks residents for their input – so if there’s something you don’t see that you’d like to do, just ask!

Life in this high-rise is effortless, inspiring and fun. It’s easy for residents to stay healthy and active with dance lessons, yoga and fitness classes designed to keep residents fit and independent. The continuous dining plan means that residents can eat whenever or wherever they want while stretching their culinary horizons with daily specials and “always available” favorites. Seniors requiring assisted living in Houston will find lots to love at this Top 10 community!

The Abbey at Westminster Plaza

2855 Westminster Plaza Dr, Houston, TX 77082 | https://www.abbeywp.com/

Just the name of this SeniorVu Top 10 Assisted Living Community conjures up images of luxury, elegance and a life of leisure. And guess what? That’s a pretty accurate picture of what life is like at The Abbey at Westminster Plaza. This retirement community is privately owned and has been operated by the same Texas family for more than 60 years. In fact, the founder of The Abbey was a trailblazer for quality and affordable senior living in Texas – so you know that you or your loved one are in experienced hands.

Everything about The Abbey has been selected to provide a hassle-free, independent-as-possible lifestyle. The caring staff has been expertly trained and is as discreet and efficient (kind of like the servants of Downton Abbey, except with none of the class separation and a lot more familial atmosphere). They blend the best of both worlds – the tradition of hands-on caring along with state-of-the-art aids like a wireless nurse call system and a community-wide security system for optimal safety.

The gorgeous building is located on 8 acres of meticulously maintained and landscaped grounds just two blocks of the West of Royal Oaks Country Club and easy access to everything Houston has to offer. The community is known for having some of the largest senior living apartment floor plans in the area, and all of them have been fully customized with full-sized kitchens, luxury touches like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, full washers and dryers and wood flooring. The five-star surroundings extend to the community areas as well – the in-home Palladium movie theatre, a Health & Wellness Center with an indoor track and heated pool, the Brunswick Sports Lounge that’s perfect for socialization and a rousing game of billiards, an upscale dining room…everything has been designed to provide the life you want and deserve at this Top 10 community.

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