How Resident Fan Clubs Can Benefit You

When it comes to spreading the word about how amazing your senior living community is, you have a secret weapon: your residents. When potential residents and their families are searching for an assisted living facility, they not only rely on the basic information of cost, room size, food, and activities. They read reviews, and those reviews can make or break your lead’s decision to go with you or another community.

5 Ways to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Senior Living Community


There’s a common fear amongst senior living communities that if they allow for people to post reviews on their sites then the majority of those reviews will be negative. However, the benefits for encouraging reviews far outweigh the bad. According to a survey done by BrightLocal, “92% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase decision,” and this is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make for themselves or a loved one. The best voices to speak up about how great your community is are the people you’ve already convinced to join you.

Why You Should Ask For Reviews for Your Business

Consumers need social proof before they are willing to invest in something. Social proof is a psychological concept that states that people change their behavior based on what other people are saying. According to Spiegel Research Center, displaying reviews (a.k.a. social proof) leads to a 350% boost in conversion. That massive increase leads to a spectacular climb in revenue. But how do you go about displaying positive reviews to increase your social proof? Learn the following strategies to help your lead-to-resident conversion by getting your residents to cheer you on publicly.

1.    Ask your residents to write honest reviews.

Ask both your residents and their families to leave you reviews through email, text, phone calls, direct conversations, and social media. The people who interact with you and your staff every day are your number one fans! It takes a lot of time and emotional energy to choose where your aging loved one should live, and after living through the process, those same people usually love telling others how satisfied they are with their choice.

Many of you may be thinking, but why aren’t positive reviews just happening? Why do we have to ask? When it comes to writing reviews, 21% of consumers are more likely to write a bad review if they’ve had a negative experience over a positive one. Sure, that doesn’t sound like that large of a number, but when only 14% of consumers who’ve had a positive experience are likely to write a positive review, that skews your overall rating, and drives leads to a competitor. People who’ve had positive experiences, surprisingly, need a little nudge when it comes to writing a positive review. But if you ask people to do it, they’ll most likely say yes, and drive up your positive online reputation!

2.    Tell families and residents how their review will make a difference.

Be open and honest with everyone why you’re asking for their opinions, and how much you value their feedback on your community. Most importantly, let them know that their feedback could have a positive influence on a person or family trying to make the same life-changing decision they did. A person’s personal journey can be the most powerful when making such an emotional decision.

3.    Motivate your staff with incentives.

Get your staff involved by offering monthly prizes (like a gift card or gift basket) to those who get the most positive online reviews. By involving the staff, you are empowering them to generate more online buzz for your community. More so, you’re incentivising them to work harder and do better for your community. In the end, everyone wins!

4.    Make leaving a review as easy as possible.

Did someone visit their loved one for a family event? Send a follow-up email with a review link. Also include links to Facebook, Instagram, Caring.com, Yelp, and other websites encouraging them to share their experience with others and maybe even share a photo. Empowering people to tag your senior living community or assisted living facility on your social media sites will allow more people to see the review, be exposed to your community, and result in more leads.

5.    Create a review station within your community.

A surefire way to get more reviews is for you to set up an area (like a podium, desk, or kiosk) with a tablet or computer so people can leave feedback about their experience during their visit. Promoting this as leaving an online comment card can help you capture real-time input from family, friends, and residents.

Respond Quickly to Negative Reviews

Nobody’s perfect. According to ReviewTracker.com, 45% of consumers are more likely to visit businesses if they respond to negative reviews. Overall, consumers expect a company to respond to a negative review within two weeks. Any longer than that, and the business is perceived as not caring for their customers. By facing the criticism head-on, sincerely apologizing, and addressing a solution, new consumers are more willing to brush off the bad review as a one-time issue. So negative reviews may be inevitable, but they don’t have to mean a huge dip in your reputation.

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