How to Get Two Additional Move-Ins Per Month

What would your community do with one to two additional move-ins per month of revenue? 

What if you could guarantee a steady increase of additional move-ins every month without having to increase the number of hours your management team works?   

It is possible if your focus is on speed-to-lead. You already know every lead is precious, but did you know that 90 percent of the prospects hang up without leaving a message? That is a lot of money lost!  

But what can you do? You cannot be everywhere at once, and your team is already short-staffed, working at 110 percent trying to keep their heads above water. You call back as soon as you can. But by the time you finally get to the prospect, the family has already decided to go with their first live connection.   

So, how do you get one to two additional move-ins when you are already maxed on your productivity? 

That is where we come in. Our US-based Family Advocate Members, or FAM Team, can answer those missed calls and handle client questions personalized to your community. With SeniorVu, every potential client call will be answered, 95% of them within 5 minutes.  

SeniorVu’s contact center is an extension of your sales team that connects your community to 100 percent of qualified leads. Our system is tailored specifically to your needs, so a prospect never knows they are talking with someone offsite.  

Many sales teams think “no one can do a better job than we can,” but the contact center and the FAM team are customizable to your specific community. We uphold your community’s standard of excellence while making sure no lead is missed. 

Unlike other contact centers, our Family Advocate Mentor (FAM) team of caring professionals are educated, and most often come from the healthcare community.  They are trained in emotional intelligence, in senior-specific information, and how your specific community works. They answer every inquiry as if they are a member of your community. 

Our technology:  

  • Tracks call volume
  • Tracks lead volume
  • Tracks the length of each call
  • Lets you listen to entire conversations between our FAM team and your prospects
  • Schedules tours for you

Since SeniorVu connects with prospects when THEY reach out, your sales team is free to devote their attention to your highest priorities instead of chasing leads. 

SeniorVu’s contact center manages inquiries from 7 am – 10 pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 8 am – 10 pm, and 9 am -10 pm Sunday Central Time. SeniorVu’s contact center is also open until 6 pm on holidays, so a lead is never missed.  

Plus, our lead management platform will integrate with your CRM so that you can track your leads through every stage of the process in a streamlined way. By tracking every inbound and outbound connection within the platform, your sales team can stay focused on the most important leads, and your sales executives can track each community more efficiently.  

For 1K a month, you will also enjoy these benefits: 

  • 100% inquiry response within 10-minutes. 
  • Marketing Automation that keeps leads engaged with your brand. 
  • Transparent Marketing Cost   
  • Access to the platform to view reports at any time. 

Schedule a demo to see how your community can partner with SeniorVu today. 

Happy Holidays

Answering inquiries for your community is what our Family Advocate Managers (FAM team) love doing, even on most holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the only two days we close up shop. We believe all of our team members deserve time with their families. By the next morning, FAM is right back at it to follow up on any inquiries that may have come in the day before.

What about all those other holidays? Rest assured SeniorVu has your time zone covered from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on each of the following holidays:

Black Friday
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve & Day
Martin Luther King Day
President’s Day

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day

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