June 2018 Newsletter

New Perspective

One of the toughest aspects of the senior living industry is trying to stand out from your competition. Using the same stock photos of happy older adults is NOT going to set you apart. If your ad looks just like the next guy, you may want to take a lesson from Doug Anderson. Doug is Vice President of New Perspective Senior Living. Doug created a completely different type of marketing campaign to draw attention to their community using his very own residents in a very unique way. He found stars in the making! Listen in on this latest podcast from The Senior View’s as Valissa Smith of SeniorVu and Debbie Howard of Senior Living Smart get the inside scoop on exactly how Doug did it.Your time is tight which is why you signed up with SeniorVu. When new employees come on board and start asking “What’s SeniorVu? What do they do?” Rebecca is here to help you! This short, animated video will give your new team members an overview of what we do so you don’t have to explain! Just like you, our character Rebecca finally took control of her time, money and energy by turning to SeniorVu for help. If your team members need more information about us, give your client manager a call or email and they’ll be happy to help!

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