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Jim and his sweet, insured ride! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor A major legal obligation we have to our fellow Americans is that we have automobile insurance coverage. Should an accident happen where we are responsible, we’re required to make things right with the damaged party. The fact, however, is that while legally required to [...]
We could all take a cue from my buddy Bill. He's a great fisherman and finds the streams at Bennett Springs, Missouri to be a great place to slow down life. By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor Ok, the holidays are past, winter is slowly fading into spring, and it is time to think about slowing down [...]
Celebrating a caregiver for their daily commitment to care of another.  By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor Caregiving can be tougher than tough, more demanding than raising triplets, deeply depressing, severely stressful, and can wear one down to a crawl. However, it can be totally rewarding and a positive opportunity for a new meaning to our [...]
Let’s pretend for a moment that you are the owner of a beautiful garden. In order to keep it happy and healthy, it needs to be watered. Fortunately, there’s a huge pond on the other side of your property. Unfortunately, you have to lug a bucket over there, fill it up, carry it back and [...]
A beautiful cruise ship ready to push off for another fun adventure! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor Many seniors have found that cruising is a “right” vacation for them. We all know that vacations can be stressful; and for cruising these are usually at the beginning and end of the cruise – but overall, while [...]
Jim with his granddaughter. Preventing falls around grandchildren is important too. By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor Falls are bad regardless of age. However, as we get older their impact on us is magnified. Much of this is due to our general physical body becoming less flexible and able to withstand the impact of a fall. [...]
Grandmothers missing their grandkids! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor We move, the families move and the distances to visit can become a problem. No longer can you take for granted the ability to go visit or receive a visit anytime during the week. Those weekly trips to the Mall, restaurant, show, and attendance at school [...]
The Villagers favorite weekend! By Jim, Our “Senior” Contributor The Villages Golf Data 3,012,515 rounds played Three golfers who are 93 shot their age  2,397 holes-in-one 1,097 eagles 8 double eagles 52 golf courses in The Villages Here are a couple of poems on V-Day written by Villagers.  One in general and one for the [...]
Jim makes it a habit to hang around fun and positive people. By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor In the past we had a friend that had a problem with depression and feeling gloomy much of the time. We were talking one evening when we found out that her two main activities were reading and watching [...]
Jim's friend Fran volunteers her pie baking skills to give families when they lose a loved one.  By Jim, Our "Senior" Contributor Volunteering is probably not a new thing to most of us. Americans are a caring nation of people who not only give greatly of their wealth, but also give willingly of their talents, [...]
My buddies and I rely on a round of golf to keep the heart active and the muscles moving. FORE!  The National Council on Aging estimates that up to 92-percent of seniors have one chronic health condition and some 77-percent exhibit two or more chronic conditions. Such conditions can be treated but will most likely [...]
Magnolia with Esther Wolf. While we usually identify pets with cats and dogs, the reality is that any animal (warm or cold blooded), bird, fish, even insects can be a pet if it is something that offers us pleasure, joy or becomes a welcome diversity in taking care of it. Pets also cover the full [...]
The holidays are over but not the move-ins: How to make your conversion list go from “naughty” to “nice”. The holiday season has come and gone. After all that list checking and hall decking and fa-la-la-ing it’s time to CONVERT THOSE INQUIRIES. We know that converting inquiries is something your marketing departments focus on year [...]
Jim with the love of his life for 50+ years.  We may all have doubts about how to proceed when a lot is at stake, whether an investment, a step toward a big life change, or if it pertains to a big health decision. In such cases when we have been given advice by a [...]
A New Year's Resolution my buddies and I always sign up for - a better golf game in the coming year.  In the Y2K New Years Eve, bets were being taken on whether our historical data-life with our friend, the computer, would crash to a halt. My wife and I looked at each other – darned [...]
Socializing with friends and family is one of Jim's favorite ways of treating himself well. There are many times during our lives where we can feel overwhelmed, depressed, lonely, and confused. This is part of our life and can be traumatizing or the means to improvement. Reacting to such issues requires we take a good [...]
Jim's boat is only noisy when it goes full-throttle. He usually enjoys a much calmer ride around the lake. Less noise. Less fuel. There have always been noises around us from our earliest days. However, as we age we seem to become more aware of it and the ways it affects us. The common measurement [...]
Jim fishing
Jim fishing with his grandchildren. Many of us will find ourselves away from the beloved grandchildren as we age and they grow to adulthood and beyond.  We may retire away from the grandchildren or they may leave to attend schools and to take on work.  We will find those wonderful years where the grandparent/grandchild physical [...]
No need for another Hawaiian shirt under the tree. Jim has plenty!  Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to think about gifts for that relative or friend who falls into the ranks of the senior citizen. Don’t fret as most of us will get there sooner or later. Gift giving for [...]
Jim's Bday
Jim celebrating another year older with a sense of humor.  We are disposed, as humans, to being in the defense mode as we protect ourselves from the hazards of surviving in this world. This is the tendency to always be on the lookout for danger and watching for ways to be safe, whether it is [...]
Jim with family
Jim traveled with his wife to attend their grandson's graduation. It is that time of the year again when the holidays are popping up and travel may be around the corner. Whether by car, train, plane, ship, or even bus in some cases, travel is challenging today and there are pitfalls for which seniors should [...]
A Bird’s Eye Business Boost Video is proven to be one of those marketing must-haves. Statistics from our email marketing automation sister company, SoftVu, shows video in email increases click through rates by 300%. Online sources say that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy something after watching a video, and real estate listings [...]
3 Questions SeniorVu Communities Want Answers To We’ve learned a lot from you, our SeniorVu Client Communities, over the last two years. Our brains hurt (in a good way) from all the new knowledge. From that, we’ve come to understand how to provide greater value to you, with services you’ve requested - various ways to [...]
New Perspective Resident
A New Perspective on Marketing Senior LivingDo your ads look like every other community’s? One of the toughest aspects of the senior living industry is trying to stand out from your competition. Using the same stock photos of happy older adults is NOT going to set you apart. If your ad looks just like the [...]
Doug Anderson, Vice President of New Perspective Senior Living, shares with podcast listeners his unique marketing campaign that uses authentic storytelling and humor to attract seniors to his community.  Listen in as Valissa Smith of SeniorVu and Debbie Howard of Senior Living Smart find out Doug’s secret to this successful campaign.  Not only does he [...]
Welcome to SeniorVu’s New Menu Unveiling!Hearty Marketing Options with a Side of Analytics Well, hey there! We’re so glad to see you. We’ve got your table all set up—right this way. We’ve decided to switch things up a bit, so you may notice a little something different as you look over our menu of services. [...]
Winning Case Competition Team. From left to right: David Sytkowski Babir Sultan Atreya Lahiri Savana Taylor Tristan Perkins Tim Donnelly, CEO, SeniorVu KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu was the focus of the Ninth Annual Strategic Management Case Competition at the  Henry W. Bloch School of Management of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).  This company case [...]
Lead Nurturing
You wouldn’t think an article that includes the phrase “green thumb” in the title would have much to do with being a successful senior living community salesperson, would you? But a quick Internet search reveals that the fundamentals of cultivating plants in your garden can also be found at the root (See what we did [...]
Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing That Cultivates SuccessGrowing your census with patience, persistence and a well, thought-out plan What happens to your leads that don’t convert right away?  The ones who start out kicking the tires, but aren’t ready for the test drive?   Our latest eBook addresses best practices for that longer lead nurturing process.  The research focuses [...]
3 Layers of Goodness
They say that cooking is an art, but baking is a science. (“They” may or may not be our mom who majored in food science.) That’s because when you bake something--whether it’s a melt-in-your-mouth pie or chocolaty cookie--you’re using a tried-and-true formula that has proven to be successful. And when you have a secret recipe, [...]
Zack Ottenstein
Zack Ottenstein, is with the Brand Experience Expert with Image Group, a team of marketing and branding wizards committed to getting your senior living community seen and remembered. Zack joins Debbie Howard of Senior Living Smart and Valissa Smith of SeniorVu on The Senior Views latest podcast as he shares unique ideas to help senior [...]
For the next three weeks, we’ll be giving bite-sized explanations of how SeniorVu works--in other words, how we “compose” and “perform” the perfect lead generation and conversion strategy for you. Our approach is simple: we use three different “movements” (distinct parts of the strategy) that are woven together to create results that are far greater [...]
Drone Winner
KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu® invited senior living communities across the country to enter for a chance to win a one-minute professionally produced drone video of their community property. Entries were taken throughout the month of February. Today SeniorVu® announced that the winner is Travanse Living. They own three senior living communities, one in each of [...]
KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu® recognized 22 senior living communities nationwide for exceptional development of their community census in 2017.  Awards are presented annually based on criteria regarding number of tours scheduled, number of tours completed and number of move-ins in 2017. “It’s one of the most important metrics our sales and marketing team tracks throughout [...]
A Different Outcome to Aesop’s Fable New eBook Regarding Speed-to-Lead SeniorVu is constantly collecting data, analyzing it, and making changes to improve the outcomes. We like learning to benefit our clients! What we’ve learned about senior living marketing and sales in the past 18 months is especially interesting – data worth reading. In this latest [...]
Mobile App in Car
KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu, a lead-generation and lead management company, announced today the release of the SeniorVu CRM mobile application, available in both the Apple App Store (v2.1.11) and Google Play Store (v2.1.11). Both the iOS and Android versions allow marketing and sales professionals in senior living communities to stay connected on the go by [...]
Predictive Analysis
What would you do if you could predict the future? (Besides winning the Powerball®.) We imagine that, since you’re in the senior living industry, predicting how to grow your business would be at the top of your predicting-the-future to-do list. While unfortunately there haven’t been any great strides made in the “crystal ball” industry as [...]
Senior Living Smart Webinar
How Sales and Marketing Transparency Can Grow BusinessSenior Living Smart Webinar with Debbie Howard & Tim Donnelly It’s common in senior living to spend tons of time and energy on generating sales leads. It’s not so common in senior living to track that time, energy and money spent on sales.  Many industries frequently track and [...]
SeniorVu Logo
If you are new to your community, or you simply don't understand how SeniorVu works, that's ok!  This short (less than 4-minutes) video is designed to give you an overview.  And if you still have questions, we are here to answer them!
Families caring for loved ones with dementia struggle with keeping them at home as long as possible versus finding memory care services.  Andrea Catizone’ is the President of Senior Living Smart and an expert in memory care.  Her vast experience in senior living and particularly as the Corporate Director of Alzheimer’s Services with Benchmark, Andrea [...]
Technology has definitely become the hot buzzword for today’s senior living communities. Experts are predicting that the aging tech market will hit $30 billion this year and, and according to a survey by Pew Research, the number of seniors using technology on a daily basis is increasing. Over half of seniors today use the Internet [...]
Personalized care is the hot new trend in healthcare these days. But it’s not just the tailor-made care plans for an individual’s specific needs that make it popular. It’s also that the system empowers individuals to make the decisions about his or her health choices. As you know, the idea of independence is important for [...]
Why SeniorVu?
Why should you choose SeniorVu for your community’s lead generation and marketing automation? The leaders of our pack – CEO, Tim Donnelly, and COO, Tom Goldman – provide 4 quick value points that make SeniorVu unique to the senior housing industry. To learn more about how your community will live a better life with our [...]
Speed to Lead
Gone are the days when shopping meant spending a few hours in the mall to see your options and maybe make a purchase. With one-click shopping and next-day delivery available literally in the palm of your hand, we’ve become used to—nay, expect—instantaneous results. And as technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, [...]
How will the Senior Living industry benefit from SeniorVu
When entrepreneurs talk about the businesses they build, they typically have a common theme: their passion is born out of a personal experience. A few years SoftVu was sailing along with great success when President & CEO Tim Donnelly, had a personal experience that sparked a second platform: SeniorVu. Hear why he believes SeniorVu is [...]
The Senior View with Bradley Harris
Senior living industry directors face an employee retention challenge that’s not expected to go away anytime soon.  In this episode of The Senior Views, recruitment expert Bradley Harris, shares his top 3 ingredients for finding the BEST employees and offers other solutions to ease the rate of turnover.  Listen in as Bradley offers his expertise [...]
The Secret to Exclusive Leads In most circumstances, “sharing” is a lovely gesture. In senior living, when it comes to leads, “sharing” has become a dirty little word. What if you could fill your occupancy pipeline with highly-qualified leads that were EXCLUSIVELY yours? That’s exactly what we do at SeniorVu. We’re your partner. We’ve got [...]
Rejection Letter
Secret Rules to Email Deliverability Unless you’re in the business of sending emails in mass quantity, then chances are the laws of deliverability have gone unnoticed in your world in 2017. We bet you DID notice though that your personal inbox is more stuffed than ever and subject lines have never been so clever.  As [...]
At SeniorVu this year, we are taking a few lessons from Buddy the Elf for our Christmas greeting.  Our video might be silly but our message is sincere.  We are thankful for your partnership and we wish you the very best in 2018. At SeniorVu this year, we are taking a few lessons from Buddy [...]
How Katie Got Her Groove Back Some days it feels like ‘one step forward, two steps back’ only because as leaders in a senior living community you are juggling an enormous amount of responsibility. Since your community of residents always comes first, efforts to keep the pipeline full of leads can be more than a [...]
Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to think about gifts for that relative or friend who fall into the ranks of the senior citizen. Don’t fret as most of us will get there sooner or later. Gift giving for us senior citizens need not be that difficult. If the senior is [...]
Financial concerns are a huge deal for many seniors, especially if they are looking into moving into a senior living community. Not just because they want to make sure they have enough money to live a happy, healthy life in their new home--but also because many want to be able to leave a legacy for [...]
Ginna Baik, CDW-Healthcare, shares her expertise regarding a technology strategy for the senior living industry.  In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, Ginna says many senior living communities are struggling to automate their workflow yet are trying to keep up with care technology like artificial intelligence that will benefit their residents.  Ginna provides solutions [...]
Mary B. Lucas, is the Chief Talent Officer for Supplemental Health Care and has a 30-year career in the staffing industry.  In this podcast, Mary shares staffing acquisition and retention strategies for the senior living industry including the use of social media to help communities find the right people for them. Join podcast host, Debbie [...]
October 2, 2017 KANSAS CITY, MO: In 2017, SeniorVu has now added 500 senior living community partners to its lead generation and direct-to-consumer marketing automation platform. Reaching this major milestone in less than a year is a reflection of the momentum SeniorVu has continued to generate by offering an innovative and affordable solution for the [...]
August 16, 2017 KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu announced today it has partnered with over 400 communities since its onset last year. After announcing it surpassed the 200-mark in April, SeniorVu has accelerated its timeline this summer. “We are excited to provide a new option to senior living communities,” SoftVu CEO Tim Donnelly said. “Having communities trust [...]
April 10, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SeniorVu, announced today that now more than 200 senior living communities have joined the SeniorVu team since the solution was launched less than 6 months ago. SeniorVu is state-of-the-art lead generation and marketing automation software that uses sophisticated machine-learning algorithm technology exclusive to SoftVu combined with big data to [...]
March 28, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SeniorVu, a young vertical marketing solution for the senior living industry is making news in Kansas City. This latest lead generation and marketing automation platform created by SoftVu, LLC., is gaining traction in the industry and today the Kansas City Business Journal (KCBJ) spread the word. In today’s featured article, [...]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 15, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SoftVu, an industry-leading company renowned for helping mortgage and senior living clients with lead generation and marketing automation for 17 years, announced today that they have launched a Year of Service. The SoftVu team is partnering with local non-profits that focus on those in the Kansas [...]
February 24, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SoftVu, an industry-leading company renowned for leadership with lead generation and marketing automation solutions for more than seventeen years, announced today rapidly accelerated growth of its newest high-tech platform - SeniorVu. Since SeniorVu’s launch just four months ago, more than 150 senior living communities are already on-board using the [...]
Senior Living Marketing Expert Brings B to C Expertise as SoftVu Continues to Expand February 14, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SoftVu, an industry-leading company renowned for helping clients with lead generation and marketing automation for more than sixteen years, announced today the addition of Senior Living Marketing Specialist and former Assisted Living Operator Deb Barber [...]
Former Senior Living Software Sales Executives Bring more B to B Expertise as SoftVu Expands February 8, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri: SoftVu, an industry-leading company renowned for helping clients with lead generation and marketing automation for more than sixteen years, announced today the addition of Sales Directors Joe Figliolino, and Chrissy Kemper to its SeniorVu [...]