Meet SeniorVu’s Stay-at-Home Canine Companions

To our friends on the front lines caring for seniors, we have never been more honored to serve you at SeniorVu than we are right now.  We know it has to be exceptionally stressful at this time as you work to keep your residents healthy, yourselves well as you prevent COVID-19 from spreading through your community and to your family members at home.  Seven weeks of CDC protocol probably feels like seven months right about now! 

Since SeniorVu’s technology allows our team to work from home, we thought you might enjoy meeting some our canine companions that sit right beside us as we tell families how terrific your communities are. Most of the time, our dogs behave quite nicely – lounging, sleeping and staring out the window.  Once in a while they get excited about another dog, a neighborhood cat, or meal time which seems to alarm their internal clocks.  We are as grateful for them, as we are for you and the important work you are doing inside your community.

Stay well, stay resilient and we will hold on to hope that very soon, we will reach the end of this strange time in history.  For a brief pick-me-up, meet some of our team members and their pups.

Glen and Gloria keep Family Advocate Lauren company during the stay-at-home order. They are both Shih Tzu’s. Glen was named after Lauren’s late grandpa who passed away just before she got Glen.  Gloria and Glen love to sunbathe all day while Lauren talks with families looking for senior living. 

Dillon’s dog Chewy loves getting in the middle of his work. He is a Shih Tzu/Toy Poodle mix.  His full name is Chewbacca and he spends most of his day right in Dillon’s lap while he talks with families who are calling about senior living.

Chula keeps Tara (FAM) company while she’s talking with families on the phone. Tara says when she travels with Chula, others on the airplane think Chula is a baby.  Go to SeniorVu’s Facebook page to tell us if you agree.   

When Mariah steps away from the phones, her dog keeps an eye on things. Guts is a 20-pound ‘terror’ terrier whose personality is large and in charge. He’s also a sock goblin who gets mean if he gets ahold of one. Since he believes he runs the entire apartment complex, he yells at people when he’s out and about. Other than that, Mariah tells us, he’s a good boy.

Meet Wesley.  He’s Olivia’s lab/great dane mix. He likes to sleep on the guestroom bed next to Olivia’s desk and occasionally barks at the neighbor’s cats.  Thankfully, SeniorVu FAM team members all use noise cancelling headsets.

This is Client Success Manager Christen with Griswold and Naomi by her side. Naomi is a foster dog waiting for a good home.  However, Griswold thinks she’s already found one right here.

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