SeniorVu is the Focus of UMKC’s Annual Case Competition

KANSAS CITY, MO: SeniorVu was the focus of the Ninth Annual Strategic Management Case Competition at the  Henry W. Bloch School of Management of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).  This company case was developed for use in the Strategic Management course, the capstone class for the BBA program at UMKC. The course provides students a basis for a holistic analysis of a company each year.  SeniorVu was this year’s focus.

“We were honored to have had this group of bright young minds digging into what could be a new business opportunity for SeniorVu,” CEO Tim Donnelly said.  “Their thoughtful research into the senior living industry and into what we do at SeniorVu sparked several great ideas for our company.”

The presenting students studied the company’s history, business model, financials, and they interviewed the leadership team to thoroughly understand the goals of the company.  They also researched the industry including SeniorVu’s competition to create a business plan that might support a consumer facing brand.

Bloch School Dean, Dr. Brian Klaas emphasized the school’s commitment to business-academic partnerships to provide mutual benefit to both partners.  Management Department Chair Dr. Sidne Ward praised the Case Competition program as a major event for the school. She thanked co-founders, Director of the Lewis White Real Estate Center Prof. Charles Connely and  Gottlieb/Missouri Chair of Strategic Management Marilyn Taylor for their dedication to building momentum for the program.

“The Case Competition was created to provide our students insight to real businesses with real challenges to cut their teeth on,” says Taylor, current coordinator of the Case Competition. “SeniorVu not only brought a unique opportunity to our students, but senior care is a fast-growing industry that will likely affect almost all of us, worldwide. Studying this industry to write the background materials on the industry and company for the students really opened my eyes to the potential for companies and individuals’ careers alike!”

Four teams presented their ideas and concepts to SeniorVu and to a panel of business leaders. Those business leaders judged the groups on everything from research to communication skills to determine through a private deliberation process their rankings and which group would receive scholarships from the Case Competition sponsors.

“We heard some terrific ideas and yes, we will likely implement at least some of them going forward,” said Danny Cates, VP of Product for SeniorVu. “SeniorVu will also continue to dialogue with many of these students to consider them for future team positions in our company. We really appreciate Bloch professors, Jeanie Latz, Ric Brocmeier and Blake Williams. Their practitioner backgrounds prior to joining the Bloch faculty deepens the value to students and companies alike.”

About SeniorVu
SeniorVu is a state-of-the-art lead generation and marketing automation platform that uses sophisticated machine-learning algorithm technology combined with big data to find future residents for senior living communities. Their team of Family Advocate Managers qualifies those leads and schedules tours for seniors and their adult children who are ready to purchase.